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staff list

Department of Local Produce and Food Sciences

Name Profession Specialty Research Topics
Toru OKUDA, Ph.D Professor Food Science (Enology), Applied Biochemistry (Plant Physiology) Analytical science on wine and grape components
Kazumi FUNANE, Ph.D Proesseor Food science  
Noboru MURAMATSU, Ph.D Professor Gardening/Garden landscaping Horticulture
Fujitoshi, YANAGIDA, Ph.D Professor Study on Wine Microbiology Taxonomuy of Microorganisms  
Munekazu KISHIMOTO, Ph.D Associate Professor Aapplied microbiology, Enology Wine Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology
Shunji SUZUKI, Ph.D Professor Plant Pathology, Experimental Botany, Plant Physiology Characterization of resistant mechanisms in grapevine Monitoring fungicides-resistant plant pathogens in Japan. Transgenic approaches in grapevine Molecular mechanisms in grape berry development Prevention of grapevine disease using antagonistic microbes
Miki NAKATA, Ph.D Associate Professor Gardening/Garden landscaping Nitrogen utilization of vegetables in organic and natural farming systems.
Masashi HISAMOTO, Ph. D Associate Professor Food Science Food Chemistry Enology
Takeo MIKI, Ph.D Associate Professor Molecular Biology of the yeast Molecular breeding of wine yeast
Kazuki MOCHIZUKI, Ph.D Professor Eating habits studies  
Hiroyuki YAMASHITA, Ph.D Associate Professor Gardening/Garden landscaping (Pomology Fruit Breeding Viticulture) Study on labour saving grape training system , Polyploidy Breeding of grape , Breeding of Dwarfing rootstock of cherry
Misa OTOGURO, Ph.D Associate Professor Applied microbiology, Living organisms diversity/classification, Ecology/environment Isolation of microorganisms in various environment Ecology of microorganisms The role of microorganisms in wine making
Fumie SAITO, Ph.D Assistant Professor Food science  
Shinichi ENOKI, Ph.D Assistant Professor Plant Physiology Grapevine molecular mechanisms